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Twoja lokalizacja: Fairfield, CT USA
Z gwarancją IronClad
Licznik: 5 311 hrs
Ohio  (Odleg: 525 mi)
117 Ton Capacity, Main & Auxiliary Hoist Drums, 180' Main Boom, Load Block, Heater, Load Moment Indicator, Cummins Diesel Engine, 45" Track Shoes
Kup teraz
US 86 000 $ (77 583 €)
lub złóż ofertę - 28 sty
Z gwarancją IronClad
Licznik: 7 677 hrs
Alabama  (Odleg: 903 mi)
80 Ton Capacity, 160' Boom, Auxiliary Hoist, Cummins Engine, 36" Track Shoes

***Please See Seller Supplied Specifications Attached in the Documentation Section Below.***
No title available. A bill of sale will be provided to transfer ownership upon request**

**For questions or offers please contact Matt Kennedy 925.233.3622, April Adair 925.233.6846, or Liz Hernandez 925.523.7326 (Se habla español).**
Kup teraz
US 33 000 $ (29 770 €)
lub złóż ofertę - 3 lut
Z gwarancją IronClad
Licznik: 4 050 hrs
Iowa  (Odleg: 1,048 mi)
75 Ton Capacity, Main & Auxiliary Hoist Drums, 110' Main Boom, Load Block, Heater, Counterweight Removal System, Expandable Undercarriage, 36" Track Shoes

Please see the attached maintenance records file below.

***The current angle boom visible on the crane is not included with the sale. The boom will be changed out with 110' tubular boom.***
Aktualnie najwyższa oferta
US 35 000 $ (31 574 €)
lub złóż ofertę - 5 lut
Licznik: 2 252 hrs
New Jersey  (Odleg: 163 mi)
150 Ton Capacity, Main & Auxiliary Hoist Drums, 140’ Main Boom, 38” Track Shoes

There was no response from the engine when the key was turned. The main components could not be operationally checked.

IronPlanet cannot generate a NAFTA Certificate for this unit. Buyers from Mexico and Canada should check with their export agent to determine if any additional fees apply.
Kup teraz
US 120 000 $ (108 255 €)
lub złóż ofertę - 27 sty
Z gwarancją IronClad
Licznik: 1 570 hrs
Alberta  (Odleg: 2,034 mi)
110 Ton Capacity, 40’ 2” Retracted Boom Length, 150’ Extended Boom Length, 31’ Minimum Jib Length, 55’ Maximum Jib Length, Rooster Sheave, Johnson 80 Ton Load Block, Johnson 12 Ton Overhaul Ball, Auxiliary Winch, Air Conditioner, Heater, Load Moment Indicator, Anti Two Block, Cummins Engine, Expandable Undercarriage, 35.5" Track Shoes, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Back Up Camera.
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24 lut
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