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Twoja lokalizacja: Ann Arbor, MI USA
Z gwarancją IronClad
Licznik: 287 hrs
Kentucky  (Odleg: 365 mi)
30’ Overall Length x 120" Overall Width, 22' Main Deck, 8' Rear Deck, 120" Usable Deck Width, Self Contained Hydraulic System, Air Brakes, 215/75R17.5 Tires, Diesel Engine

IronPlanet cannot generate a NAFTA Certificate for this unit. Buyers from Mexico and Canada should check with their export agent to determine if any additional fees apply.

**No title available. A bill of sale will be provided to transfer ownership upon request**

**For questions or offers please contact Matt Kennedy 925.233.3622, April Adair 925.233.6846, or Liz Hernandez 925.523.7326 (Se habla español).**
Kup teraz
US 325 000 $ (294 366 €)
lub złóż ofertę - 14 lut
Texas  (Odleg: 1,103 mi)
84 Ton Capacity, 84’ 8” Overall Length x 9’ 6" Overall Width, 14’ 8” Front Deck, 24’ 6” Main Deck, 23’ 6” Rear Deck, 9' Usable Deck Width, Hydraulic Power Pack, Air Brakes, 285/70R19.5 Tires

The engine could not be started. The main components could not be operationally checked.
Kup teraz
lub złóż ofertę
Z gwarancją IronClad
New York  (Odleg: 505 mi)
Kup teraz
Z gwarancją IronClad
Quebec  (Odleg: 551 mi)
1,000 Ton Max Capacity, 37 Ton Max Tire Capacity, Cummins QSX15-G9 Diesel Engine, 755 Adv. Horsepower 450 KVA Genset, Remote Control, H44.5X16.R21 Tires.

Contact Majida (+1 925-394-7920) to make an offer over the phone or with pricing questions. Veuillez contacter Majida sur le (+1 925-394-7920) ou mettez votre offre.

To arrange an inspection or with equipment related questions contact:
Philip Lacey
Territory Manager - Montreal
Phone: +1-514-347-8888
Email: placey@ritchiebros.com
Złóż ofertę
CAD 1 000 000 (688 984 €)
11 lut
California  (Odleg: 1,942 mi)
Aukcja na miejscu
Tipton, CA, USA
14 lut 2020
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