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Twoja lokalizacja: Fairfield, CT USA
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Comfort Terminal Monitor 6000L Hopper - Split 60/40. Muller ISOBUS Machine Empty Alarmed Leveling Sensors In Hopper Need 3 double outlets and 1 single outlet for hydraulic functions. Drawbar/pulled by lifting arms tractor. Reverse camera. 2 rows with discs for tillage in front of fertilizer and seed coulters. Self-lubricated bearings on discs. Discs are 50cm diameter. 2 distributor heads for seeds, so possible to seed 2 different seeds in same time. Every second seed coulters. 48 seed coulters, row spacing 12.5cm. 2 seed meters driven by electric. 24 fertilizer coulters, row spacing 25cm. Tires: 405/70 R20. Micro drill: Brand APV. 200litres.
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